Services for Fellows

For selected companies we offer a wider range of support, which includes:

- Business development through solar projects

- Technical assistance

- Investment opportunities

Participation in our fellowship program is limited. Subject to finance of a fellowship course we will publish application criterias to Sendea members.

Proven concepts

Sendea relies on proven concepts from the Stiftung Solarenergie, which have been implemented in East Africa and Asia since 2004: 

  • Establishment of solar villages 
  • Revolving Fund to finance products
  • Training in technology, management and finance

Sendea bundles the successful programs of the Foundation to a new program.

Holistic and dual

SME development requires a crosscutting strategy that touches upon many areas. Therefore Sendea follows a holistic support offer and provides support for the whole range of business challenges.

At the same time, we offer this service in a dual way, combining practical field work and projects with consuming and mentoring.


We strongly believe that support for young entrepreneurs needs to be tailored and cannot be standardized. Therefore at a first step of our cooperation we work out with the entrepreneur a tailored concept to support him and his company.


Sendea uses several instruments to provide finance solutions:

- Supplier Credits: Solar-Connect eG
- Project finance: Sendea Fund
- Equity: Sendea gGmbH (see here our current equity investments)