Who can become a member of Sendea Uganda?

Conditions of admissions are:

  • As entrepreneur you already have business experiences (min. 3 years) - either in the solar sector or in another business.
  • Essential components of the business activities of your company is the dissemination of decentralised solar technology.
  • The equity majority of your company has to be hold by Ugandan shareholders. 
  • The company may not be a franchise operation of an international company or concentrate predominantly on the distribution of products of a single manufacturer.
  • The focus of business activity must be in the field of photovoltaics.


What are your obligations as member of Sendea?

As a member we request from you:

  • Active participation in the events / meetings of the Sendea Group (minimum 75% per year); re-presentation of the member at the Sendea meetings exclusively by the CEO.
  • Willingness to comply with all Sendea quality standards.
  • Payment on time of the annual membership fee.
  • You need to place the Sendea membership logo on your webpage.


Interested to join Sendea?

Then contact us: