Solar for Freelancers


The new freelancer programme from Sendea and DonBosco wants to improve knowledge and qualification of freelancers, working in the Ugandan solar sector. To this end, a two-week basic training course specifically for freelancers is offered as part of the Sendea Academy.

Freelancers who attend the two weeks course and pass a final test receive a certificate and a sticker. Both identify them as solar installers with basic knowledge. The freelancers can use the certificate and sticker for promotional purposes.

The certificate can be renewed continuously. A prerequisite for renewal is the successful completion of at least one further training at the Sendea Academy.

In parallel, households are made aware through awareness campaigns that it is important to choose a professional installer when buying a solar system. Therefore, households are advised to ask freelancers for the Sendea/DonBosco certificate.

Who can apply?

  • Any practicing technician in the solar industry but with no qualification in electrical engineering

  • People who have completed S.3, UCE and UACE and are interested in the solar industry

Sendea encourages women in particular to apply for the solar training. 

The number of participants per course is limited to 12. So if you register quickly, you have a better chance of getting one of the popular training places.


What are the costs?

The course fee per participant is 60,000 UGX only (without accomodation).

When is the next course?

The next two-week course for freelancers will take place in May 2021.


Where do the courses take place?

The courses are held at the St. Joseph Vocational Training Center  (St.JVTC), Lubaga Kamuli near the Catholic Mission, 1.5 km Namwendwa Road, off Mission hospital Lubaga road


How to apply?

Interested persons can apply with a two-page CV and a copy of academic documents to:

Loy Kyozaire (Sendea CEO and Sendea Academy training coordinator): Email: