Our goal is to create jobs in our partner countries, to improve economic structures and to help young entrepreneurs build their businesses. We do this in many ways. Training and further education are among the key measures.

Training courses

We offer specific training  

  • for young entrepreneurs in business management, strategy development and management
  • for technicians in the planning, installation, maintenance and repair of solar systems
  • for sales staff in sales, customer training and service
  • for financial staff in accounting, management of end-customer loans and design of business plans for investors and banks

We do not carry out standard seminars, but tailor the training to specific needs. 

Dual Education

In our experience, the combination of theory and practice provides the best results in training. For this reason, we always use our non-profit solar projects to provide practically-oriented training to young entrepreneurs and their employees.

Especially our Solar Village projects have proved themselves as a great opportunity for practice-oriented training.

The training concept of the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation is unique in this form and has received several awards. 

Exchange of experiences

In our network of young solar entrepreneurs (Sendea), we promote the exchange of experience among each other. Training must continue in everyday life. The provision of information and experience from and for the company daily business is important for the stable development of small businesses.

With the exchange of experience between the young entrepreneurs, we also reach the goal that the solar companies support each other, create buying syndicates, and that other young entrepreneurs will be encouraged to start their companies.